Your doctor in just 60 seconds away


Prasad Kompalli, co-founder mFine teamed with Ashutosh Lawania started a venture, a mobile app platform employing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to provide a ‘virtual doctor’ within 60 seconds for the users of the application.

The idea with mfine was to provide a consumer service that is instantly accessible, just as many other services are on the internet, and do something that can change the experience. On-demand was the most important part. That;s where the mfine thought started according to Prasad. He says that at the core, mfine is a technology product, a virtual doctor.

In India, there are too few doctors to cater to the population. As doctors are unevenly distributed, only eighty per cent of the doctors cover 20 per cent of the geography. The number of specialists in any discipline is too small to deal with the population. Specialists are mostly found in hospitals in larger cities.

They came up with mfine as a solution for this problem. How does mfine work? Once you download the app, you can create a consultation and tell your symptoms and select the doctor you want to consult. Before the doctor comes online, either through a chat or a video call, the machine itself will ask you a few questions. That is the process where the Artificial Intelligence is taking shape and is in action, explains Prasad.

After you mention your symptoms, the machine predicts other respiratory symptoms, while also including a possible line of treatment. When a doctor comes online and looks at the information they have. If appropriate, the treatment is approved.

Machine Learning algorithms read the symptoms and make a graph. In the graph, a relation is created with symptoms when there is a relationship, there is a possible disease.

mfine aggregates only doctors associated with hospitals. It has about 50 hospitals on its network and is able to ensure that every hour of the day, from 7 am to midnight, the platform is up and running.

Thanks to the AI/ML layer, says Prasad, doctors too love mfine, because it provides them with an intelligent assistant. “Others are focussed on connectivity, we are focussing on care,” he adds.



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