Wadia Hospital does fix 11-day-old’s half heart

Doctors at Wadia Hospital performed a rare miraculous surgery on a 11-day old baby girl diagnosed with a rate condition of the heart – Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS). “Within an hour of birth, we transferred Avantika to the NICU to give special medications to prepare her for the surgery,” said cardiologist Dr Shreepal Jain.

This was a first of a kind hybrid procedure performed in the western India, said the doctors. Dr Jain and pediatric cardiac surgeon Dr Biswa Panda performed a six-hour-long procedure called Hybrid Norwood surgery to temporarily fix Avantika’s heart for the next six months.

They fixed a hole between the heart’s two upper chambers to prevent mixing of oxygenated and deoxygenated blood. “Next, we opened the chest wall and put a band on the lung arteries to restrict the amount of blood flowing into lungs,” said Dr Panda. Lastly, they placed a metallic stent in an artery. She will need another surgery on turning six months old. “The final surgery will be done before she turns three,” said the doctors.

Avantika Nair who was just 11 days old when she underwent the procedure to fix her congenital heart, and is now two months old and “doing well”, according to reports.


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