Vivasure introduces PerQseal large-bore closure device

Vivasure Medical announced the launch of the PerQseal closure device for large-bore transcatheter procedures. Novel transcatheter endovascular procedures, including transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), thoracic endovascular aneurysm repair (TEVAR), and endovascular abdominal aneurysm repair (EVAR), require large-bore femoral artery access.

Closure of these large-bore access sites is challenging and has been associated with significant vascular and bleeding complications.

PerQseal is the first sutureless, fully absorbable synthetic implant for large-bore arterial punctures. The PerQseal technology consists of an intravascular patch that seals the vessel from the inside, returning the artery to its natural state.

“This commercial launch is a key milestone for Vivasure as we journey to enable better patient outcomes in fully percutaneous large-bore endovascular procedures,” said Gerard Brett, CEO and co-founder Vivasure Medical.

UK’s New Cross Hospital Wolverhampton heart and lung centre Dr Saib Khogali said: “In my first clinical experience with PerQseal, I found the device intuitive and well controlled, which helped me quickly learn how to use the technology safely and successfully. I believe the PerQseal has the potential to be an important large-hole closure device in many TAVR and EVAR patients.”


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