Tiny nanostraws deliver molecules inside human cells

Tiny nanostraws

Researchers can design the perfect molecule to edit a gene, treat cancer or guide the development of a stem cell. Tiny nanostraws can help deliver these molecules into the human cells. In a study published in Science Advances, a team led by Nicholas Melosh, an associate professor of materials science and engineering, have shown that delivering molecules with nanostraws work in human cells. This development could speed up medical and biological research and improve gene therapy for diseases of the eyes, immune system or cancers.

Melosh and team showed that they successfully delivered molecules into three different human cell types, which were difficult to work with previously. Melosh and his team are now working to test the nanostraw method in human immune cells. The research’s success could be a big step for treating cancer with immunotherapy. Nanostraws could potentially speed up the immunotherapy process and reduce the cost for treatment as well.


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