Surgery kits and cleaning mops washed in the same sink

Interviews of several staffers at the Bal Thackeray Trauma Care Hospital revealed due negligence of the infection control protocols in hospitals.

The inspection resulted in cancellation of the operating surgeon’s registration, suspension of three nurses.

The inspection report revealed how every step of infection control was compromised. According to the report in Times of India, surgical instruments, linen, and mop, were all being washed in the same sink, in the scrub room, where surgeons clean-up after a surgery. Inquiring the nurses revealed that the ophthalmic surgery instruments were cleaned along with equipment from other departments – a practice strongly discouraged as it increases chances of hospital-acquired infections.

There are reports of laborers, who would boil the equipment and leave them out on a tray until next morning, instead of drying and packing them immediately. There were other routine workers, who did not know the specifics of sterilization, were unable to answer if they received any prior training for the job.

Two junior doctors, were negligent of their duties as well. They let an untrained worker clean a phacoemulsification machine despite it being their responsibility. During the unavailability of distilled water, the worker would use boiled water and normal saline to clean instruments – without any gloves.

Honorary surgeon Dr. Arun Chaudhary, whose services are terminated, admitted a single phaco tip (used to remove a cloudy lens) was used for six patients, whereas the hospital had six phaco tips.


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