Smart stickers to monitor health risks

smart stickers

Scientists have developed a wearable electronic device, smart stickers, made of cellulose, which sticks to the skin, to monitor physical activity and notify the wearer about possible health risks in real time.

“For the first time, we have created wearable electronic devices that someone can easily attach to their skin and are made out of paper to lower the cost of personalised medicine,” said Ramses Martinez, an assistant professor at Purdue University in the US.

The researchers believe that these stickers can be used as as implantable sensors to monitor the sleep of patients by health professionals as they conform to internal organs without causing any harmful reactions. Even athletes can use it to monitor their health while exercising and swimming.

Since the stickers are made of cellulose, they are biocompatible and breathable and the serpentine patterns on them makes it as thin and stretchable as possible for the wearer.

Even though, the stickers are made of papers, they are coated with molecules that can fend off, water, bacterial, dust and oil.

The study is published in the journal Advanced Materials and Interfaces, where it is stated that the stickers are printed with the help of manufacturing technologies that are used to print books at high speed.

“The low cost of these wearable devices and their compatibility with large-scale manufacturing techniques will enable the quick adoption of these new fully disposable, wearable sensors in a variety of healthcare applications requiring single-use diagnostic systems.” concluded Martinez.


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