Sinus Implants from Intersect ENT show Improved Outcomes in Surgery

Intersect ENT published a pooled analysis of steroid releasing sinus implants in patients following frontal sinus surgery. The analysis was published in the International Forum of Allergy & Rhinology.

The analysis included a total of 160 patients enrolled in two clinical trial cohorts. Patients were randomized following sinus surgery to receive an implant, either PROPEL Contour orPROPEL mini, in one frontal sinus ostium with the contralateral ostium as control.

The pooled analysis showed that the implants significantly improve endoscopic outcomes of frontal sinus surgery compared to surgery alone. A significant reduction in postoperative interventions was also observed.. There were no implant-related adverse events.

The study lead author Dr Ameet Singh said: “Frontal sinus surgery in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis has historically been associated with poorer outcomes than that of the other paranasal sinuses.

“This analysis provides important insights into outcomes in various patient subgroups and also demonstrates that PROPEL implants improve the outcomes of frontal sinus surgery by reducing the need for post-operative interventions through 90 days.”

Placed following endoscopic sinus surgery, the PROPEL family of implants is designed to maintain the surgical opening and prop open the sinus ostia while delivering drug directly to the sinus lining as the implant dissolves.

Intersect ENT’s PROPEL products are the first and only dissolvable steroid releasing sinus implants approved by the FDA.


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