Singing may boost immunity for the cancer patients

According to scientists from the University of Edinburgh, UK, University College London, UK, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, UK, suggest that singing could boost the immune system and thus provide therapeutic effects to cancer patients.

In the study published in Behavioral Medicine, researchers examined saliva samples from the cancer patients before and after an hour of singing. Analysis of samples showed significant changes in hormones, immune proteins, neuropeptides, and receptors. Huge differences in values observed in the saliva samples of the patients experiencing great amounts of stress and depression.

Under stress, the body produces cortisol – a stress hormone. This hormone interferes with body’s natural immune system, as well as the overall health. Although regular levels of stress are usually harmless, chronic stress may impair the optimal functions of the immune system, leaving the body prone to illnesses, infections and inflammation.

Singing also encourages the release of additional cytokines, which are proteins of the immune system. These proteins play a role in enhancing the ability of your body’s natural defence system to fight against diseases. Cancer patients may gain the most immune-boosting benefits from singing on a regular basis, especially if they are fighting depression and anxiety.


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