Post Budget Reaction by Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd

Mr. ​Naresh Jain, CEO, Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd quoted, “We applaud the announceme​​nts made by the Government in the Union Budget 2018 which has indeed addressed a lot of issues that will help the economy to prosper. It aims in creating the largest healthcare blanket for the biggest democracy of the world.The Government’s initiative of setting up 1.5 lakh health facilities across the country will help bring​ ​healthcare closer to homes of the people, and will enable them to receive medical help within the golden hour hence improving the chances of survival.

Granting 50 crore beneficiaries and 10 crore families, 5 lakh rupees per year cover secondary and tertiary hospital expenses is a breakthrough move and the world’s largest government-funded healthcare program . This will allow the poor to access world class healthcare facilities which was not affordable or available earlier. Also, the announcement of setting up one medical college for every three parliamentary constituencies is great as this will help in training the emergency medical technicians which will, in turn revolutionize the quality of care of the emergency medical response services in the country.”​


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