Pune plans Online Licence System for Organ Transplants

The Maharashtra state health department in Pune will take the licence registration for organ transplantation process online. This initiative will make it easier for hospitals to upload data and documents and they will no longer need to get approval from officials in Mumbai.

The department will also launch a dedicated vehicle for transporting organs to avoid arranging different vehicles whenever there is a need for organ transfer. Dr Sanjeev Kamble, state director for health services, Maharashtra, said that a dedicated team of staff will also be put in place.

A Union health ministry official in New Delhi, said: “To my knowledge, no other state has done this. It is a positive initiative, as it will save time. They are following the law, so there shouldn’t be any problem in its implementation.”

This digitisation will also help the government in making the whole process transparent and in tracking the documents of any hospital easily.

One senior nephrologist, severely criticised the digitalisation of licences for organ transplants. “Nowadays, all kinds of information is online and it has become very easy to hack sensitive data. Given the recent kidney racket, we do not want our data leaked and agents getting their hands on the data submitted.” He demanded assurances from the state that such sensitive information will be secure, since the website will contain details related to the licencees and doctors.


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