Plasticell receives EU funding to advance neurodegenerative disease research

Plasticell Ltd, a developer of stem cell technologies and regenerative medicines, announced that the Advanced Stem Cell Training Network (ASCTN), a European research consortium in which the company is a partner, has successfully bid for over €3,700,000 in funding from the European Union to create and exploit advanced cellular models of neurological disorders like Parkinson´s, Huntington´s and Demyelination disease.

“Neurodegeneration is a hallmark of many incurable diseases that are fast becoming major global health problems as the world’s elderly population continues to increase”, commented Dr Yen Choo, founder of Plasticell. “Discovering effective treatments for these conditions will require a deeper understanding of disease mechanisms, as well as more effective drug screening strategies, both of which will benefit from better cellular models of neurodegeneration.”

Plasticell’s CombiCult® combinatorial cell culture technology will specifically be used to generate high fidelity, progenitor and terminally differentiated neuronal and glial cell subtypes for incorporation into next-generation models. Of particular interest is a brain-on-chip model to study interactions between patient iPSC-derived striatal medium spiny neurons (MSN) and dopaminergic neurons.


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