Parexel launches new patient-centric solutions

With its Perceptive Cloud platform, Parexel, has launched several new patient-centric solutions with the help of its relationship with Microsoft to aid in drug development.The new solutions combine mobile and wearable tech to speed up and improve access to data for better patient interactions during clinical research.

The first solution employs Microsoft’s Azure App Services to gather and send health alerts from mobile devices that will give clinical staff and investigators automatic data updates to monitor the potential threats to the patient’s safety and lower the risk of patient mortality and morbidity.Furthermore, Parexel’s Patient Sensor Solution willconsist ofmore connected medical devices and AI for predictive patient compliance monitoring, extended to manage more data transfer.

“Technology has made it possible to access more meaningful data than ever before, while improving the patient experience,” Douglas Barta, Parexel’s chief information officer. “The challenge is in collecting that data in a way that is efficient for the patient, site, and investigator.”


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