Minimally invasive valve replacements begin at SGPGIMS

Patients that may need valve replacement but are not medically fit to undergo an open heart surgery have hope at SGPGIMS in Lucknow.

The institute will provide transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), a minimally invasive surgical procedure, which has made life easy for elderly people across the western world, especially those suffering from multiple diabetes and kidney related diseases.

Head of the cardiology department, Prof PK Goel said that TAVR was performed on several patients to relieve them from problems caused by a diseased valve. “The results are encouraging,” he added.

Prof Aditya Kapoor said, “Unlike conventional open heart surgical procedure, TAVR involves implant of the valve through a 6-7mm hole in the upper thigh. Through the hole, the valve to be replaced is inserted in the body. Thereafter, the valve is inflated and the function is transferred to the new valve,” he added.

Prof Kapoor further added that the diseased valve is left as it is. The main objective is to relieve the heart from any imminent danger. As soon as the new valve takes the load from the diseased valve, the diseased part becomes redundant.


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