Lupin launches Medical Chatbot ANYA

Lupin has launched a chatbot, which they named as ‘ANYA’. It is designed to provide medically verified information for health-related queries. The chatbot aims to answer patient queries related to ailments.

ANYA has been trained to help patients with their disease-management. As a start to digitize the patient journey in the overall healthcare space, Intially, ANYA will be tending to queries related to diabetes.
Lupin believes that ANYA will be a game changer in the field of disease management in the near future. “This will also be a significant step in providing better access in rural markets as we adopt and launch digital healthcare platforms for better outreach.” said Rajeev Sibal, President, IRF, Lupin.
Patients today are technologically advanced and are likely to be well informed on managing their health conditions. However, there is a lack of trusted and comprehensive sources on disease-management information for patients.

ANYA in Sanskrit, means inexhaustible or ‘limitless’.


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