Indore to get a 50-bed AYUSH Hospital

The Union ministry of AYUSH has sanctioned 25 hospitals in various districts across the country

Shripad Naik, Union minister, AYUSH, Madhya Pradesh, said that Indore will be getting a 50-bed hospital exclusively for Ayurveda and naturopathy treatment. The hospital will function under AYUSH ministry, according to reports. “We have approved the application from Indore. The construction of hospital may start soon,” he said.

Along with naturopathy and Ayurveda, more than 50 different therapies will be provided in the hospital.The new hospital will have daily outpatient department (OPD), laboratory and operation theatres and will provide services like Pamchakarma, Thokkanam, Illaj-Bidtadbir and Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Uniani and Sidha schools of treatment. Therapies like hydrotherapy, shirodhara, droni, uttara basti yantra, nasyakarma, ksharasutra, uttarbasti and raktamokshana also called leech therapy, will also be provided

The hospital will have four wards with 10 beds each and 10 private rooms equipped with physiotherapy, occupational therapy, electrotherapy and ultraviolet and infrared treatment facilities


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