How to Personalise Your Own Wellness

Article by Dr. Garry Kotack DDS and Gordon Johnston D. Ac.

In today’s fast-paced world, with all the stress and pressure, more and more people are becoming aware that our good health requires our participation. To that ends people are looking for ways that they can become pro-active in their own wellbeing and wish to live a healthier lifestyle. It is no longer just about the quantity of life, but also about quality of life. Today people are looking to employ many ways to maintain good health. We are exercising more and doing our best to eat well. Some are also looking for products to compliment what they are already doing.

New research has shown that we derive our energy not only from our food but in a large part from the energy available from our environment. Primarily this energy comes to us from the sun, and in addition, it can be found in other ways throughout our environment.  It is even understood that the Earth itself has a frequency that is between 9.6 and 10 Hz. There is also what is known as the Schumann frequency (7.83Hz).  It occurs when sunlight bounces off of the surface of the Earth and resonates within the Ionosphere. Lightning also creates a frequency of 7.83 Hz within the Ionosphere. Study after study has indicated that we require these frequencies to maintain balance and to simply live healthy lives. As science takes us further off the surface of the Earth, the research is indicating that we are intrinsically connected to this spaceship we call Earth.

As a result of the current international space programs. Developments in the implementation of frequencies (energy) to maintain homeostasis have come a long way since the early application to space travel. Today the information and utilization of frequency to help in maintaining good health are becoming more and more mainstream. Even in North America where the controlling interests promote the notion that “only a drug can cure” there has been an acceptance of the utilization of frequency to minimize pain. In addition to pain management, there is now an acceptance for the utilization of P.E.M.F. to help with bone fractures of the non-union type.  It is unfortunate that the acceptance is only for non-union as the reality is that it is a benefit for any fracture or wound healing.

Current developments make it even easier to access beneficial frequencies for good health and wellbeing. There are many new products designed to produce P.E.M.F (pulsed electromagnetic frequencies) that can be fairly easily obtained. Unfortunately not all products are as beneficial as the claims made and many products are priced much too high which makes them cost prohibitive.  But if you do a little digging you can find some products that are effective and even a few of those in a price range that makes them viable to own and utilize at work and at home.

What are some of the features one should look for if considering adding a P.E.M.F. device to your wellness routine? It is absolutely a must require that any device you employ must have coherency of the signals it generates. There is no value to have a device produce a signal that is incoherent and accompanied by other erroneous frequencies or white noise. To the body, such a poor quality signal would be likened to listening to your favorite song on your car radio when you are too far from the station to get a clean signal. Many devices like to suggest that a sweeping of frequencies from low to high is sufficient for the application. But it would be like comparing an orchestra tuning and actually performing. We are all aware of how a song can affect us. For decades music has been used to set the mood in movies and theater. We are all familiar with how a song can move us to happiness or other moods, without ever apparently having touched us in any way.  I say apparently because at a cellular level music (frequency) does truly touch us in an amazing way.  Without going into great detail, if one looks into the work of Fritz Popp, Ross Adey or Mae Wan Ho, we can see how this very simple yet delicate event occurs. Not in isolation but thousands and thousands of times per second.

So once again coherency is of utmost importance.

Other criteria are based on the fact that the body responds much more readily to a soft gentle conversation then it does being yelled at. Too often we tend to think more is better. Far too often we erroneously believe that unless we can feel it on a physical level it is not working. Without a doubt we can get a response from the body by yelling (overpowering), but, is it the best potential result that we can achieve? Certainly, by overstimulating (yelling) we can achieve an analgesic effect. But have we accomplished anything more than a temporary shutting down of the nerves signaling the pain messages?  In spite of the overstimulation, the causal aspect of the problem is not addressed.  Therefore it is only the soft gentle delivery (conversation) of the appropriate frequencies to help re-establish homeostasis that one can benefit from with P.E.M.F.  It must be remembered that this requires the appropriate combination of frequencies to produce the appropriate melody at the right amplitude to achieve the desired response. In addition, as much as sweeping frequencies are employed to achieve some results, it is not enough to just sweep up and down the scale as this does not have as great an effect. Some say it is like reading the dictionary. There are a lot of useful words but until they are assembled into coherent sentences they do not have as much impact. So we would conclude that when looking for a device, one should look for a device with specific packages of information not ones with only sweeping frequency capabilities.

And of course price. Like anything else it is important that any device one chooses should not be cost prohibitive. There are devices available today that will meet these criteria.  Do your homework and I can assure you that you will find them.  If you are not sure of where to start or if you are not finding what you are looking for, feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you.

We have specifically developed products at MATRIXX SOLUTIONS ( that meet these criteria. You will find the Aura and AuraMaxx will give you the gentle P.E.M.F. programs and in a price range that makes it possible to use on a personal level yet flexible enough to share with the whole family.


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