Home sensor tool to remotely detect falls

Israel-based, Vayyar Imaging,introduced a home sensor tool for sensing falls among seniors, without using wearable trackers or pendants.The device embodiesVayyar’s flagship product in a new line of smart home devices designed for the elderly, to connect them with their contacts, in case of an emergency.

The Walabot Home system, uses low-power radio waves, like Wi-Fi signals and radar, to monitor a person’s movement through walls and objects, and produce a 3-D heat-map of the user’s posture and location. If it senses a fall, it automatically calls for help.

The company thinks their camera-less approach gives users more privacy, especially in sensitive places where falls maybe more likely to occur, like the bathroom.

“There is a staggering number of adults who fall in their own homes every year,” said RavivMelamed, CEO and Chairman of Vayyar in a statement, mentioning CDC statistics that estimated that 29 million people over 65 suffer a fall annually, with 7 million injuries. “Most falls happen without anybody else knowing that the event occurred.”

Priced at USD 249, theWalabot Home outwardly operates like smoke detector, with the thin device being mounted on a wall for passive monitoring. However, it also consists of a button for placing a call to an emergency contact, allowing direct communication through the device, it can also be controlled with a smartphone app.


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