Fujifilm unveils FCT Embrace

Fujifilm Medical Systems USA., Inc., launched the FCT Embrace for Oncology and radiology applications.

The FCT Embrace is the world’s first 85cm wide bore computed tomography (CT) imaging unit with 64 or 128 slice configurations. Powered by Analogic, the FCT Embrace, when combined with other market-leading oncology solutions, gives improved and efficient CT Simulation with radiotherapy treatment planning capabilities.

With the FCT Embrace, Fujifilm Medical System, a leading provider of diagnostic imaging and medical informatics solutionsmarks its entry into the CT market, growing its end-to-end diagnostic imaging product portfolio which is characterised by exceptional imaging at a low dose.

“Fujifilm is a company of ‘firsts’ in diagnostic imaging. In 1936, we took our first steps in the development of X-ray film; and in 1983, we pioneered the first digitized radiography system in the world,” said Johann Fernando, Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer of Fujifilm Medical Systems USA., Inc. “Once again we are innovating with the launch of the FCT Embrace, a solution that provides the most slices ever seen on an 85 cm bore system. Designed to improve radiation oncology care, this advanced solution boosts patient comfort and security by offering the widest tabletop currently available at 49 cm, and accommodating bariatric patients of up to 660 lbs.”

The new, state-of-the-art FCT Embrace offers extraordinary imaging capabilities on an easy-to-use, uniform platform for both radiology and oncology. Developed to enhance precision throughout the full oncology care cycle, the 85 cm bore optimally matches the rotational arc of the linear accelerator, providing easy and accurate positioning options for simulation and treatment planning. This allows oncology patients to be imaged in their optimal treatment position at the full clinical image quality afforded by 64 slice or greater systems for the first time, all the while meeting the accuracy needs radiation oncology demands and does not compromise the diagnostic image quality.

Fujifilm has had almost 80 years of experience expertise in the medical imaging field, promising brilliant image quality, low dose, and patient comfort now to the CT market for oncology, interventional CT and radiology.


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