Eris Lifesciences, India Medtronic sign deal for diabetes monitoring

Eris Lifesciences and India Medtronic recently entered into a collaboration for diabetes monitoring. Under the agreement, Medtronic will bring its latest USFDA-approved ‘Guardian Connect’ device for real-time evaluation of glucose variability in diabetes patients, while Eris will provide the device at clinics and healthcare delivery units under its patient care initiative.
India has one of the highest incidences of diabetes, however, diagnosis and monitoring of the disease, remains a challenge, according to reports.
Guardian Connect, the innovative device, stands out with built-in mechanisms for sending out alerts predicting high and low blood sugars 10 to 60 minutes in advance.
These alerts pop up on the user’s smartphone, or Apple Watch as notifications, just like regular text messages that pop up at regular intervals on mobile phones.
Madan Krishnan, Managing Director & Vice President, India Medtronic, said, “Guardian Connect is a technological breakthrough that will change the diabetes treatment landscape. It empowers the patient to take control in real-time and the physician to be fully-equipped with data and evidence.”


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