Enhanced Fluid Management System from Hologic

Hologic introduced a new Fluent fluid management system used for hysteroscopic procedures in the U.S, specially for the operating room staff.

“The Fluent system is changing the game in fluid management. Developed in response to the challenges facing nurses and doctors performing hysteroscopies, it combines a streamlined design with innovative technology for more efficient fluid monitoring during procedures.” said the medical technology firm’s Director and global affairs VP, Dr. Edward Evantash.

With a single waste bag design and advanced FloPak technology it manages fluid better throughout the procedure and thus simplifies hysteroscopic operations. It also aims at optimizing the OR workflow with step-by-step instructions for setup, disassembly and troubleshooting. In addition it also has alerts set up to analyse monitor fluid deficit, pressure, low fluid bags, and full waste bags on its large visual and gives audible alerts accordingly. It has the capacity to determine fluid deficit within +/- 50 mL, thereby increasing the professionals’ clinical confidence. The integrated MyoSure controller also gives an all-in-one fluid management and tissue removal system as well as vacuum systems, helping improve and streamline hysteroscopic workflow.

Sean Daugherty, Hologic GYN surgical solution’s president remarked, “This launch is a testament to how our strong customer partnerships and unique technological innovations enable us to provide healthcare professionals the advanced equipment they need to improve lives.”


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