Apps Based on Augmented Reality for Patients’ Safety

Index AR Solutions partnered with Riverside Health System, both based in USA, to develop Augmented Reality (AR) apps to keep patients safe and health care workers more efficient.

The app being developed under this collaboration utilizes AR and other visual technologies on a tablet.

It will help medical technicians visualize, more rapidly learn and easily follow the manual step-by-step process for cleaning a popular type of endoscope used in an estimated half-million gastrointestinal medical procedures every year.

Technicians are required to follow step by step instructions via AR and imagery that is overlaid on the actual endoscope device or displayed in 3D imagery.

Index stated that helpful safety warnings, 3D animations, short videos and written instructions have also been built into the app, notifying users in the context of corresponding steps.

The app will also streamline recordkeeping, which allows managers to automatically log user activity to ensure all the steps were completed and performed within the expected parameters.

The endoscope cleaning app is the latest in a series of AR product offerings from Index AR called SuperApps.

Riverside is also considering other possible use cases where AR can offer measureable enhancements in safety, quality, speed, knowledge retention and overall health care worker job satisfaction.

Once the endoscope cleaning app has completed development within Riverside Health System, other hospital systems throughout the US will be invited to demo and license the app for their own use.


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