An Apple for a healthy heart

Heart rate is a vital indicator of a person’s health. A heart beating too fast or too slow can be a symptom of a larger problem. The new Apple Watch Series 4 can help track your heart rates, as well as keep a history of it. The watch comes with a Heart Rate app that can track your current heart rate and show rates while you rest and exercise. The Workout app can record and display your heart rate during and after a workout. But if you have an older Apple Watch or want additional heart stats, you can also upgrade your watch with these third-party apps.

The watch’s built-in Heart Rate app, Cardiogram can measure your heart rate at rest and during exercise. It also records your heart rate and creates a graph. To see an analysis of your heart rate results, check the Cardiogram app on your iPhone.

HeartWatch, another app, records and track your heart rate, both the current beat and your beat over time. The Workout screen tracks your heart rate during a workout. You can also choose your workout exercises like running, walking, cycling, weights, and more. Begin your exercise. When done, you can save or discard the data, or resume the workout. HeartWatch lets you choose to record your pulse, measure your sedentary heart rate, track your heart rate during sleep, and add notes by voice.

Heart Analyzer, can show your heart rate data in a few simple screens. It can display your last measured heart rate along with your average, maximum, and minimum rates. A graph displays your heart rate pattern. It also lets you manually trigger a heart rate measure.
Talking Heart Rate let’s you hear your heart rate if you don’t want to keep looking at your watch. Talking Heart Rate does just what its name indicates. It tracks your heart rate and then speaks the rate aloud at certain intervals. You can record, see your peak heart rates and also change the volume at which it speaks your heart rate.


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