About Us

MPower Communications is a collaboration between Blockdale Media LLP, Mumbai India and  KnowGenix, Mumbai, India, involved in the provision of knowledge and skills development services across industry sectors.

Blockdale Media LLP is the publisher of the 70-year-old The Indian Practitioner (www.theindianpractioner.com), a leading publication for the medical community and the 30-year-old premier publication, Chemical Industry Digest (www.chemindigest.com) for the chemical industry. KnowGenix (www.knowgenix.com) is a growth strategy advisory firm with healthcare, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, materials and chemicals practices.

MedTechAsia (www.medtechasia.in), a knowledge service initiative of MPower Communications is a premier print and digital publication for medical technologies, devices, diagnostics and healthcare sectors.

Centre for Professional Growth (www.mpowerskills.in), a skills development initiative of MPower Communications provides advanced skills development and training services for professionals in diverse economic sectors

MPower Communications is managed by professionals with over 30 years of experience and insights into publishing, industrial forums, consulting and training domains in healthcare and chemical value chains.

The Indian Practitioner is a monthly journal dedicated to Medicine, Surgery and Public Health, which was established in 1947. The Indian Practitioner has on its editorial board highly experienced doctors in various aspects of medicine which ensure qualitative medical articles and features. The journal covers the entire spectrum of medicine and medical establishments which include private & government hospitals and clinics, private practitioners, physicians & surgeons, medical directors of pharma companies and medical institutes/universities.

For more information, please visit: http://www.theindianpractitioner.com