3D-Printed Patch to Help Heal and Mend Scarred Hearts

A researcher team led by the University of Minnesota, USA, created a revolutionary 3D-bioprinted patch that can help heal scarred heart tissue after a heart attack. The study was published in the Circulation Research, a journal by the American Heart Association. Researchers have filed a patent on their discovery.

Researchers from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and University of Alabama-Birmingham used laser-based 3D-bioprinting techniques to incorporate stem cells derived from adult human heart cells on a matrix that began to grow and beat synchronously in a dish in the lab.

Brenda Ogle, an associate professor of biomedical engineering at the University of Minnesota said “We feel that we could scale this up to repair hearts of larger animals and possibly even humans within the next several years.”

Brenda further said that the patch is modelled after a digital 3D scan of he structural protein of a native heart tissue. The digital model is then 3D printed with proteins that are native to the heart. “Only with 3D printing of this type can we achieve one micron resolution needed to mimic structures of native heart tissue,” she added.


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